About Me

Becoming an ambassador for finest brandies in Northern Germany

Brandies – or fruit and nut spirits – have a fine reputation. Our ancestors called them eau de vie – it literally translates as water of life and is a reference to the pleasant and reviving characteristics of brandies.

Turning my passion for brandies into my profession was a dream I have had for many years. This dream came true when I opened Northern Germany’s first distillery for brandies on 11/11/2011 at 11:11am.  It is located in a history-laden former wine-warehouse right at the Europahafen in the middle of the Überseestadt at the port of Bremen.

How did it all come about?

In the beginning I was just fascinated by the incredible variety of flavours brandies can have. It did not take long and my fascination turned into a burning desire for learning the rather complex trade of crafting fine brandies professionally myself.

I attended the entry-level seminar for distilling brandies at the central authority for viniculture in Veitshöchheim, Bavaria. Although my entry into the craft of brandy distilling was slightly difficult at the beginning, I successfully completed my two-year apprenticeship. Today, I am officially certified by the Bavarian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry.

Following my apprenticeship I had the pleasure of refining my skills at renowned brandy distilleries in the Black Forrest, South Tyrol and in Austria. The craft of distilling brandies undoubtedly is a masculine domain. However, I am proud to be one of the very few women who master and practice this craft in Germany today.

Due to my previous career as a businesswoman, I quickly managed to set up a business plan in order to make it all happen. The city of Bremen’s trade- and industry-promoting agency helped me a lot for which I am deeply grateful.

Finest Brandies that are particularly mild

I chose the rather complex raw- and fine-burning distillation procedure – it makes my Finest Brandies particularly mild and palatable.

Only farmers I personally know exclusively supply the fruits for my brandies and I met most of them during my time as an apprentice in Southern Germany. I always make an effort to buy from local farmers, preferably from the fruit-growing areas Altes Land and the Niederelbe.

My product line Nordic Wild Berries currently consists of The Sloe, The Elderberry, The Rose Hip and The Sea Buckthorn – more specialty brandies will follow soon. Of course I further offer a wide range of traditional fruit brandies and nut spirits. Based on my distillates, I also craft fine liqueurs such as my signature Apricot Liqueur for which I received the Product of the Year Award at the Corpus Culinario summit in 2013.

My first Single Malt is already waiting in oak casks before it is going to be the first Hanseatic Single Malt Whisky ever made. It will be available from 2015 onwards.

If you are interested in learning more about my craft, please feel more than welcome to visit me in my distillery. I am offering guided tours, tastings as well as distillation seminars.

All this is happening in line with my ever-present motto: Crafted with heart and hand