This seminar begins with a tour through my distillery. All steps in the process of crafting a fine brandy will be explained as we continue to walk through the distillery.

The second section of the seminar will focus on theory and practice of distilling fruit brandies. You will learn some basics about different types of fruit, the history of distilling and different types of technologies used for crafting brandies and other spirits.

Following a seated lunch in the nearby restaurant Hansen (included in the fare), you and a fellow participant will try distilling your very own brandy on a table-mounted miniature distillery.

In the last section, we will adjust the product of your own distillation and lower its alcohol content to drinking grade together. We will also taste your unique brandy as well as a wide range of products from my Finest Brandies selection.

Every participant will take 50ml of his own brandy back home.


All seminars take place at day time and are only offered on selected dates during weekends. Please contact me if you would like to arrange a closed-group seminar, I am more than happy to organize individual seminars.


You can register per email – all registrations are binding.

Number of participants:

  • Maximal: 18 participants
  • Minimal: 8 participants

In case the minimum number of participants is not reached three days prior to the event, I may cancel the event via email and announce an alternative date.


140.00 EUR per participant incl. lunch at Hansen’s and beverages

Please note I only accept upfront payments.

Time: 10:00 h until approx. 17:00 h

Duration:  approx. 7 hours