The Sloe

Brandies & Spirits / 40 % Vol.

50 ml =   11 ,00 €
350 ml = 60,00 €
500 ml = 81,00 €
700 ml = 107,00 €
1750 ml = 255,00 €

This fruit is native to Eurasia and North America. The small, almost black stone fruits taste very tart, bordering on astringent. They grow on thorny bushes and are laboriously harvested after the first night frosts; this is because the frosts cause the plant to withdraw tannins making the sloes softer and rounder in taste and producing a fine bouquet as a brandy. The same effect can be achieved with freezing. Like other wild fruits, sloes have a very specific aroma. They are distilled with their stones. The amount of alcohol produced by sloes is, however, very low: 37 kilograms of sloes are required to produce one litre of sloe brandy. Nevertheless, one must take into account that 80% of this is made up of the stones.


Dry, clear and intense. Tangy and fruity marzipan flavours, with the fruity characteristics of red and blue berries and the spiciness of hay. A scent that repeatedly lures one onto different paths – both well-known and new at the same time.


The small amount of fruit pulp around a large stone lends an intensive as well as tart taste and a typically almond tone to this expansive brandy. With refined wild cherry aromas, the richness of the alcohol allows for wafting tones of marzipan, complimented by a clear touch of cocoa and chocolate. A strong first sip with a long and soft finish.

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